Explore the River and Ranges

From unforgettable sights to undiscovered corners, there’s just so much to see and explore. Choose from one of my private tours. Bunches are generally restricted to 6 to keep it neat.  If you would like to discuss a larger bunch ride or are ready to book your tour, feel free to get in touch.


$60 per person 2-6 riders

This ride stays close to the Goulburn River, riding through some lovely undulating terrain. It is ideal for those who don't love the hills, but still enjoy a good hit out. Many segments on this ride have been included in the Herald Sun Tour


$90 per person 2 - 6 people

This ride is mix of flats and Hills.
With a lovely undulating climb of around 20km, ave. grad. 3-4%. We will climb to an elevation of 600m abs. With spectacular backdrops along the way your sure to bring your buddies back for this one. A stop along the way for coffee if you like...


$125 per person 2 - 6 people

If you love the hills then this ones for you!
With over 1200m elevation gain this is sure to get the heart rate up and get you into the red zone! The natural beauty along the way is likely to bring a tear to your eye, if the hills have not! 
I would ask to connect to you on Strava before taking your bookings for this one.
Our Brunch stop is at around 80km which most cyclists at this level can achieve with two larger (800mL-1L) water bottles. During winter weather conditions will be discussed for safety so you may need to be flexible with timing.
I call this my two Banana and a sandwhich ride (with no stops).


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