River and Ranges Cycling tours is a unique offering. My tours are geared towards people who ride with some frequency. You must be comfortable riding on the open road with traffic at 100km/h.

To put a number on it you are comfortable with on road average speeds of 25 - 30km/h for 60km or more. That said if you are a couple who think this pace may be too high just say so and I can look to tailor something to your needs.

It is not a race and I will try and ensure our bunch is made up of riders with similar abilities. You can help with this by arranging your own bunch for the day.

We are covered for public liability. This does not cover your bike or equipment in the event of an accident. As a keen cyclist, I'm sure you're aware of the risks of cycling, but we all accept these and love to ride.  Please ensure your bike is in order for our ride,  your tail light is charged, and you bring a spare tube or two. If I need to spend time working on your bike before we roll that just gets uncomfortable.

With alcohol added to the mix the level of risk can increase, and during wine tastings you are required to spit. A skill I can also help you with if think its gross!

I am an all weather cyclist and get it if you are not.  I will provide you with the forecast the day before your ride and you can decide. I do not charge a cancellation fee and am happy to reschedule your ride for another time. 

If you are keen to aim for KOM's or challenge your buddies during our ride that's cool. I just ask that we all respect the road rules, and ride with safety and consideration for motorists.

Most importantly we will have FUN if we all just apply some common sense.